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Avoid the trials. The trails ran through the duty finder, after the first time, don’t offer anything but playing an epic battle again. So don’t run these if you are trying to earn gil. Be a good player. Unlike the other ways, you will be relying on others and they will be relying on you. So learn your class and try your best when in a guildhest or a dungeon. Unless you are in a group, don’t heal in fates. Healing won’t give you a lot of credit, so you won’t get a gold metal. Instead, choose tank or DPS. If you do have to heal, throw off AoE attacks to hit multiple targets.

Fates are one of the more popular ways to level in Final Fantasy XIV Online. However, they are also a great way of earning gil. Here are some tips when tackling fates. Group with others. Not only does that help increase experience, but it will help you get a gold medal, which gives you the max reward. Try to tag enemies right away. This will increase your chances of getting items that you can turn around and sell on the market. Don’t expect to earn a lot. This is a very slow way to earn gil, but it’s very reliable, especially if you get item drops. Fates offer experience, grand company seals, and gil. This is an easy way to gain gil as you level up.

Do other things in between fates. Work on gathering, questing, or whatever else in between fates. If you are in a fate group, that could be all you are doing. But if you are soloing, mixing things up can be good. Stick with the pack. If you want to blaze through multiple fates, then stick with the main group. Soloing fates just takes a lot longer and lowers how much you earn in the long run. A large number of players can complete fates quickly.

Wear items to turn them into materia. Even if you don’t consider the item an upgrade, if you can wear it to turn it into materia that sells on the market, then do it. Run all the quests. A lot of the quests offer item rewards, or allagan pieces that can be sold for gil. Do all of the main storyline quests as well. Buy either sturdy bones or lively ooze (from creature comforts store) and crankshafts from the motherload.

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